Incremental Launching


Why are the launched bridges so competitive? Well, it all about cost and quality.

The construction cost of a bridge deck includes materials and technology (labor and investment in special equipment). Compared with incremental launching, in-place casting on falsework leads to higher labor costs with similar investment, while segmental precasting and in-place casting with MSS lead to similar labor costs with much higher investment. For a given cost of materials, incremental launching minimizes the technology costs and leads to cost-effective bridges that are simple to construct and maintain.

Investment and project organization are scalable across a range of bridge lengths, which provides unique design flexibility. Safety of workers and traveling public, minimal impacts on the environment, no need for extra clearance above and below the deck, and working in a stationary casting facility behind the abutment are additional advantages.

The eManuals and design spreadsheets of this collection address the needs of bridge owners, designers, construction professionals and educators interested in the design and construction of steel, prestressed-concrete, and prestressed composite launched bridges with steel corrugated-plate webs, and provide a unique wealth of knowledge, learning and insights on the topic.

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