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Modena Viaduct for Milan-Naples High-Speed Railway in Italy

Research Background

Bridge Launching, 2nd Edition

Marco Rosignoli's ability of merging field work with research and innovation makes his books and courses precious to the international bridge community.

Giuseppe Mancini, Prof.Ing., Dr.Ing., Professor of Structural Engineering, Professor of Bridge Design, Politecnico di Torino (Italy)

I regard Marco Rosignoli not only as a worldwide-renowned expert, but in fact THE world authority, in the field of bridge launching.

John Stanton, PhD, PE, Professor of Civil Engineering, University of Washington (USA)

Your book Launched Bridges is the most complete presentation of this construction method. I congratulate you for this work.

Fritz Leonhardt, Prof.Em., Dr.Ing., Leonhardt, Andrä und Partners (Germany)

the eManuals Project

the Bridge Engineering eManuals Project
Full-Span Precasting

eManuals: Precasting

Span-by-Span Casting with Movable Scaffolding Systems

eManuals: In-Place Casting

Launched Bridge over Water

eManuals: Incremental Launching

The research and practical work of Marco Rosignoli have been enormously influential in diffusing the use of the incremental launching method in Europe.

Paolo Napoli, Prof.Ing., Dr.Ing., Professor of Structural Engineering, Politecnico di Torino (Italy)

Dr. Rosignoli's training and experience make him a world authority in the incremental launching of concrete bridges. 

Clifford L. Freyermuth, Executive Vice President, ASBI, American Segmental Bridge Institute (USA)

Marco Rosignoli has proposed new analysis and design methods, new technological solutions, innovative construction techniques... Marco Rosignoli is making the history of the incremental launching method.

Roberto Capozucca, Prof.Ing., Dr.Ing., Professor of Structural Engineering, Universita’ Politecnica delle Marche (Italy)

Face-to-Face Courses

Tappan Zee Bridge in Construction
Mechanized Bridge Construction (2-day face-to-face class)

Mechanized Bridge Construction

Launched Bridges (2-day face-to-face class)

Launched Bridges

Precast Segmental Bridges (1-day face-to-face class)

Precast Segmental Bridges

Movable Scaffolding Systems (1-day face-to-face class)

Movable Scaffolding Systems

Launched Bridges (1-day face-to-face class)

Launched Bridges

Excellent seminar, Marco is an expert on the subject. (Mechanized Bridge Construction, 2 days)

Brian Hamill, PE, Chief Engineer, Hardesty & Hanover (USA)

This course was an excellent introduction to bridge launching. Did a great job of showing when it is cost-effective or applicable, and showing alternates. Also great teaching on technical aspects and design principles. (Launched Bridges, 2 days)

Angela Hunter, Design Engineer, Kiewit Infrastructure Co. (USA)

Great overview and resource to stimulate thought when selecting bridge type. (Launched Bridges, 2 days)

Timothy Hayes, Senior Project Manager, Walsh Construction (USA)

On-Line Courses

Bridge Design and Construction

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