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Some of my readers want to excel as bridge designers. Others want to foster training and innovation within their agencies and firms. Others want to win bridge projects and construct them safely and cost-effectively, and others want to boost their own career and emerge from the team. For all of them, the Bridge Engineering eManuals Project delivers a unique wealth of knowledge, learning and insights.

The eManuals Project is an international program of continuing education in modern bridge design and construction technology. Bridge owners, designers, constructors, researchers, educators and suppliers of materials, technology and services have downloaded eManuals from 42 countries on five continents to master the business-driving arena of the industry and stay ahead of the game with clients, competitors and colleagues.

The eManuals Project is scalable. You may purchase a couple of eManuals to learn about the specificities of a construction method, or the entire collection to become the Means & Methods guru in your firm or agency. You may organize a face-to-face course in your office to train your team. You may enjoy the exclusive articles and free publications of the Bridge Club, or propose your own best articles for publication. You may evaluate top-notch protagonists of our community in the Bridge Industry. You may receive periodic updates on the program with the project's Newsletter.

Regardless of what brought you here, I do encourage you to discover the full potential of the Bridge Engineering eManuals Project and the wealth of knowledge and learning that it can bring to your firm, agency and professional career.

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