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catastrophic failure of a self-launching gantry

Rosignoli & Associates

We investigate failure. Bridges, bridge construction machines, and their interactions. Not only catastrophic failures and collapses: we also analyze professional negligence, design and construction flaws, distress, vibrations, and other forms of incapacity to perform the intended or required function.

We educate legal counsels and arbitrators on technical aspects, industry standards, and standard of care. And we provide subject-matter expert services: sometimes as undisclosed consultants to assess the strength of a claim or recommend the best technical solution, other times as testifying experts for our ability to convey expert opinions in clear and strong evidentiary tools.

We offer decades of technical and business practice and a unique professional stature within the bridge community. Most failures originate claims, and we also offer long-term familiarity with working with legal counsels. We bring technical expertise, business practice and personal credibility into the forensic arena with a thorough knowledge of the topic and the confidence and ability to deliver professional opinions that are ethically and technically correct.

head shot of Marco Rosignoli, DrIng, PE

Marco Rosignoli, DrIng, PE

Doctor in Civil Engineering summa cum laude (1981, Universita’ di Ancona, Italy), he offers 40+ years of experience in the design, construction, and forensic engineering of complex bridges and bridge construction machines. Author of 4 books, 16 eManuals and 5 courses (1 and 2 days) of modern bridge design and construction technology, he has authored Chapter 6.37.40 Bridge Erection Machines in the UNESCO Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems, 3 book chapters, and 90+ between publications and lectures.

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