Large-scale bridge projects are constructed with highly mechanized methods. Cost and limited availability of skilled labor and tight construction schedules dictate massive investment in special equipment to mechanize and accelerate the construction of large structural members and minimize on-site processing of fresh concrete.

New-generation bridge construction machines are complex and delicate. They handle heavy loads on long spans under the same constraints that the obstruction to overpass exerts on the bridge. Safety of operations and the quality and durability of the bridge depend on complex interactions between human decisions, structural, mechanical and electro-hydraulic components, control systems, and the bridge being erected.

Beam launchers, lifting frames, self-launching gantries and span carriers apply dynamic loads to bridge piers and superstructures. Movement adds the complication of variable geometry, impacts are not infrequent, vibrations may be significant, and stiffness interactions develop between special equipment and bridge piers and superstructures.

The level of sophistication of modern bridge construction requires adequate technical culture to all parties involved. The eManuals of this collection address the needs of bridge owners, designers, construction professionals and educators and provide a unique wealth of knowledge, learning and insights on modern bridge design and construction technology.

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