Bridge Construction Equipment


ICE Publishing (the Institution of Civil Engineers, London, UK) – ISBN: 9780727758088 (2013), p.488, 2013 best-selling US title.

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This book provides exhaustive coverage of new and emerging bridge construction technology and modern construction methods for all bridge professionals looking to save time, labor and costs, reduce risk, and increase the value and quality of bridge projects through mechanized construction.

Bridge construction equipment is becoming increasingly more complex and sophisticated. With extensive illustrations, the book explores configurations, operations, kinematics, performance, productivity, structure-equipment interaction and industry trends for every family of special equipment:

  • Beam launchers and shifters.
  • Overhead and underslung self-launching gantries for span-by-span erection of precast segments.
  • Overhead and underslung movable scaffolding systems (MSS) for span-by-span casting.
  • Lifting frames and self-launching gantries for balanced-cantilever erection of precast segments.
  • Form travelers and suspension MSS for balanced-cantilever casting.
  • Underslung travelers for segmental casting of arches and cable-stayed bridges.
  • Forming carriages for the concrete deck of composite bridges.
  • Self-launching gantries for span-by-span macro-segmental construction.
  • Lifting platforms for suspension bridges.
  • SPMT, tire trolleys, telescopic launchers and portal carriers with underbridge for full-span precasting.

Each chapter includes extensive coverage of deck construction. The book provides guidance on prevention of human error, design for robustness and redundancy, modelling and numerical analysis, instability and prevention of progressive collapse, and repairs and reconditioning of second-hand machines.

Management-oriented chapters describe procurement, fabrication and commissioning of special equipment. An outline of technical specifications is provided for easy adaptation to specific cases. A chapter on forensics illustrates failures of special equipment investigated throughout my 30+ years in the bridge industry.

The book is extensively illustrated with photographs extracted from my professional activity and material kindly provided by Antonio Povoas, BERD, Beijing Wowjoint Machinery, Comtec, DEAL, De Nicola, Deutsche Bahn, Doka, Fagioli, Freyssinet, HNTB, NRS, OVM International, SDI, Strukturas, Systra, ThyssenKrupp and VSL International.

    • A great book that deals with temporary bridge construction structures – Gary Vito Carafian, AECOM Technology (USA)
    • The book is fantastic. Invaluable source of information – Matthew Carroll, Bridge Manager, GHD (Australia)
    • Marco Rosignoli’s ability of merging field work with research and innovation makes his books and publications precious to the international bridge community – Giuseppe Mancini, Prof.Ing., Dr.Ing., Professor of Structural Engineering, Professor of Bridge Design, Politecnico di Torino (Italy)
    • This book bridges a big knowledge gap in the bridge construction methods industry. A must have book for all bridge professionals – Prashanth Ramesh, Larsen & Toubro (India)

      Addressing the needs of bridge designers and constructors, designers and manufacturers of special equipment, resident and construction engineers, inspectors and safety planners, as well as bridge owners, architects, academics and forensics, the book delivers solid professional guidance for the use of special equipment during each stage of the bridge construction process.