Bridge Erection Machines


UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) – Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems, Chapter 6.37.40 (2011), p.72.

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Chapter 6.37.40 of UNESCO Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems explores configurations, kinematics and operations of all major types of bridge construction machines.

For construction of precast bridges, this manual discusses beam launchers and shifters, overhead and underslung self-launching gantries for span-by-span erection, telescopic launchers for erection of curved bridges, the different types of self-launching gantries and lifting frames for balanced cantilever construction, heavy gantries for macro-segmental construction, and telescopic launchers with tire trolleys and portal carriers with underbridge for full-span precasting of high-speed railway bridges.

For cast-in-place bridges, the manual explores form travelers and suspension MSS for balanced cantilever construction, overhead and underslung MSS for span-by-span casting, and forming carriages for segmental casting of the deck slab of composite bridges.

Design-oriented chapters provide guidance on the design for robustness and redundancy, modeling and numerical analysis, instability and control of progressive collapse, and repairs and reconditioning of second-hand machines.

The UNESCO Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems is an integrated compendium of 21 encyclopedias, a virtual dynamic library of about 600 volumes. It attempts to forge pathways between disciplines in order to show their interdependence and helps foster the trans-disciplinary aspects of the relationship between nature and human society. It deals in detail with inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary subjects, but it is also disciplinary as each major core subject is covered in great depth by world experts.