Marco Rosignoli, DrIng, PE


In 40+ years of professional activity, Dr. Rosignoli has been working in 24 countries on 4 continents on the design, design review, construction, and forensic engineering of complex bridges and bridge construction machines. His experience encompasses pre- and post-award design, construction, emergency response to failure, failure investigation, structural forensics, and expert advice. His assignments include 17 cable-supported bridges, 33 launched bridges, 11 balanced cantilever bridges, 4.9km of bridges cast span-by-span with movable scaffolding systems, 24.8km of high-speed railway spans, and 72.8km of precast segmental bridges. He has also reviewed the design of many bridge construction machines: 2 self-launching gantries, 6 movable scaffolding systems, 2 span carriers with underbridge, and some form travelers.

In the forensic field, Dr. Rosignoli has assisted bridge owners, designers, constructors, legal counsels and insurance carriers. Among many high-visibility or ongoing assignments under non-disclosure agreement, he has investigated the collapse of 2 bridge spans and a 165m self-launching gantry in Italy and the collapse of the FIU Pedestrian Bridge in Miami, FL.

International expert of mechanized bridge construction and the incremental launching method, Dr. Rosignoli has written 4 bridge engineering books published worldwide, 16 eManuals, Chapter 6.37.40 Bridge Erection Machines in the UNESCO Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems, 3 book chapters, 90 among publications and lectures, and thousands of posts, articles, comments, and interviews on social media.

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