Launched Bridges

Launched Bridges

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Originally prepared for the Structural Engineer Association of Illinois, the course explores the design, construction, technology and industry trends of steel and prestressed-concrete bridges built by incremental launching. It explains the use of launch noses, temporary piers and front cable-stayed systems, web stability and lateral torsion-flexure buckling of steel girders, and launch post-tensioning, deck segmentation and different casting yard organizations for prestressed-concrete bridges. For both types of bridges, the course also explores launch bearings and guides, thrust systems and how to control the deck movements during uphill and downhill launching.

The course delivers a unique wealth of knowledge, learning and insights extracted from three decades of design and construction of launched bridges and my three books on the topic. Richly illustrated with dozens of photographs and case studies, the course is constantly top-rated for material and presentation.

  • Very interesting and useful course regarding all types of launch techniques. Dr. Rosignoli´s enthusiastic and practical approach using many practical examples gives valuable practice - Michal Jevcinec, Project Manager, HABAU Sverige AB (Sweden)
  • Good course teaching by a super-qualified professional - Dr. Carlos Jurado Cabanes, PhD, Professor at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (Spain)
  • I highly recommend this course for those interested. I had the pleasure to take this last year - Phil Jones, Engineering Manager, EllisDon (Canada)

Addressing the needs of bridge owners, designers and constructors, the course covers each stage of the design and construction of launched bridges and provides an exciting occasion for face-to-face interaction and participating in a true learning experience while earning continuing education credits. 

  • Introduction
  • Bridge launching
  • Geometry requirements
  • Launch bearings and guides
  • Thrust force and launch techniques
  • Launch stresses
  • Incremental launching of steel bridges
  • Incremental launching of prestressed-concrete bridges

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