Movable Scaffolding Systems

Movable Scaffolding Systems

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The course explores the use of Movable Scaffolding Systems (MSS) for span-by-span and balanced cantilever in-place casting of prestressed-concrete bridges. You will learn under which circumstances is span-by-span casting with MSS a competitive alternative to incremental launching and precast segmental construction, will compare the use of telescopic MSS for macro-segmental balanced cantilever bridges with in-place casting with form travelers, and will explore bridge design and detailing for effective use of MSS.

With extensive illustrations and case studies, the course explores configurations, operations, loads, kinematics, performance, productivity, structure-equipment interactions and industry trends of the different types of special construction equipment for in-place casting:

  • Overhead and underslung MSS for span-by-span casting
  • Prestressed MSS for four-phase casting of long spans
  • Telescopic MSS for macro-segmental casting of balanced cantilevers
  • Overhead and underslung form travelers for balanced cantilever construction of prestressed-concrete decks, cable-stayed decks and arch ribs
  • Forming carriages for segmental casting of the concrete slab of steel girders

The course explains the design of piers, abutments and superstructures for safe and efficient use of MSS and delivers a unique wealth of knowledge, learning and insights extracted from three decades of design, design review, construction and forensic engineering of bridges, bridge construction machines and their interactions.

Addressing the needs of bridge owners, designers and construction professionals, the course covers each stage of the design and construction of prestressed-concrete bridges cast in-place with MSS and provides an exciting occasion for face-to-face interaction and participating in a true learning experience while earning continuing education credits.

  • Introduction to mechanized bridge construction
  • Technology of span-by-span casting
  • Overhead MSS for span-by-span casting
  • Underslung MSS for span-by-span casting
  • Form travelers and telescopic MSS for balanced cantilever casting
  • Forming carriages for the concrete slab of steel girders

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