Mechanized Bridge Construction (2-day course)

mechanized bridge construction (2-day class)

Beam launchers and shifters are used in many countries for construction of precast beam bridges. Self-launching gantries and lifting frames are used for span-by-span and balanced cantilever construction of precast segmental bridges. Movable scaffolding systems (MSS) are used for span-by-span and balanced cantilever casting, and forming carriages are used for segmental casting of the concrete slab of steel bridges. Form travelers are used for cantilever casting of post-tensioned box girders, cable-stayed decks and arch ribs. Portal carriers with underbridge and span launchers fed by tire trolleys are used for full-span precasting of high-speed railway bridges, and special equipment is used for the incremental launching method as well.

When properly conceived and executed, mechanized bridge construction saves time and costs, reduces risk, and improves safety and quality of bridge projects. These are the reasons for the bridge industry to move toward mechanized construction and for bridge owners, designers and constructors to educate themselves in such a challenging, business-driving topic.

With extensive illustrations and case studies, Mechanized Bridge Construction (2-day course, on-site, on-demand) explores configurations, operations, loads, kinematics, performance, productivity, structure-equipment interactions and industry trends for every family of special equipment. The course explores the design of bridge piers, abutments and superstructures for safe and efficient use of special equipment and delivers a unique wealth of knowledge, learning and insights extracted from three decades of design, design review, construction and forensic engineering of bridges, bridge construction machines, and their interactions.

Integrated by the bestseller Bridge Construction Equipment (2013, ICE Publishing), the second edition of Bridge Launching (2014, ICE Publishing) and the eManuals of BridgeTech, the course provides exhaustive coverage of the topic and is constantly top-rated for material and presentation.

Addressing the needs of bridge owners, designers and constructors, the course provides an exciting occasion for face-to-face interaction with other bridge professionals and participating in a true learning experience.

Day One:

  • Welcome
  • Introduction to mechanized bridge construction
  • Precast beam bridges
  • Technology of segmental precasting
  • Span-by-span construction of precast segmental bridges
  • Balanced cantilever construction of precast segmental bridges
  • In-place casting of balanced cantilever bridges

Day Two:

  • Technology of span-by-span casting
  • Span-by-span casting with overhead MSS
  • Span-by-span casting with underslung MSS
  • Incremental launching
  • Full-span precasting

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